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Complete your internet setup with fast service and free setup campaign. Make bulk payments and take advantage of discounts. Use the internet at home or at work to the fullest with fast internet, low ping values and unlimited data download capacity..


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WDSL Internet Packages

*Installation fee is 500₺. Installation fee includes 15 meters of cable.

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XrealNet Service Zones

XrealNet can serve the entire KKTC with wireless internet.

What is Wireless Internet? What advantages does it provide?

One of the alternative internet service types is Wireless Internet service. With the central internet systems we have installed in the regions where you are located, high-speed internet access can be provided. Therefore, we establish a connection between the internet technology systems that we set up at your home or workplace and the central internet systems. In this way, over-the-air internet access is provided. One of the biggest advantages of wireless internet service is that it provides internet access to farther distances and higher speeds based on the infrastructure to internet service.